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What is Human Growth Hormones?
HGH stimulates growth as well as production and regeneration of cells. It is produced by the tiny pituitary gland located in the brain just below the hypothalamus. Levels of human growth hormone steadily rise since birth peaking during puberty and dropping sharply when you hit early 20s. In addition, men produce two times less human growth hormone than women, who need it for child-bearing reasons.

Why do you need Human Growth Injections?
Sure, aging is perfectly natural and so is hormone decline. However, not only children can suffer from HGH deficiency. Symptoms of low human growth hormone level include:

Muscle loss
Fat gain
Low sex drive
Energy level decline
Brain fog
If you have experienced any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup and get a hormone prescription. Then order HGH online at our store and save money!

Benefits of taking our Human Growth Hormones
Muscle growth
HGH stimulates collagen synthesis in skeletal muscles increasing strength, physical capacity, and performance.

Fast fracture healing
The reason behind bone fragility in elderly – human growth hormone deficiency. HGH injections speed up bone tissue regeneration helping you heal faster.

Weight loss
Growth hormone accelerates lipolysis – the breakdown of lipids by hydrolysis into glycerol and fatty acids. Can’t lose weight? Our HGH store is stocked with products that can help you shed those stubborn pounds!

Strong heart
Recent studies have shown that HGH deficiency alters lipoprotein metabolism increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases which leads to shorter life expectancy.

Healthy sex drive
Researchers claim that human growth hormone is responsible for male reproductive function. Therefore, its deficiency may cause erection loss and low libido.

Sharp mind and good mood

HGH increases cognitive function and concentration. Patients who undergo growth hormone therapy also notice an improvement in their quality of life and psychological balance.

Better sleep
The pituitary gland is active while you are asleep producing HGH at night hours. Thus, sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of its deficiency. People who work night shifts and study overtime should consider growth hormone injections as a way to compensate for low pituitary gland function.

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